A Challenge to Jumpstart Your Healthy Habits
(and have a BLAST doing it!)
Lenten Challenge Begins February 29th
Registration Closes at Midnight on February 27th MST
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Can You Relate?

Many of us kicked off 2020 with some pretty BIG goals and resolutions.

But here we are in the middle of February and we haven't

quite made the strides we were hoping for.

But it's not too late. We know what we need to do:

…drink more water

…step up our exercise

…commit to a daily prayer routine

...eat healthier foods

…spend quality time with the people you love instead of letting busyness get in the way.

One of the best proven methods to reaching our goals is to have support and accountability. 

This is what this group provides.

Being a part of this group means surrounding yourself with other women that want to be BE THEIR BEST (Physically and Spiritually).

There is still plenty of time to make 2020 our best year yet!

And most importantly, together we'll be making this Lent one that brings about great transformation in both our bodies and our souls.

Trust me. I've been there.

Hi, my name is Lorissa Horn, and this was my story...

In the craziness of life, I had let a lot of my healthy habits slide and unfortunately at times, even some of my faith habits as well. With seven children and a full time job, I understand firsthand how easy it is to get swept up in life and to feel like you’re barely hanging on, trying to do the best you can….but deep down you know that you want so much more for yourself when it comes to your health and faith life. 

Several years ago, I knew that I was stuck in a slump and wanted to jumpstart my life and get back on track in all ways….body, mind and soul.  

I checked out a few other online programs but they all seemed to miss something that I knew was the most important piece…none of them had Christ at the center.

I was looking for something that was fun, motivating, inspiring and most especially Catholic. 

When I couldn't find it, I decided to create it.

And let me tell you ladies, I was scared...

... that no one would come.
... that I was the only one who wanted to work on these things.
... that people wouldn't like my prizes.
... that no one would actually have fun.

But you know what, I'm so glad God put it in my heart to create this challenge because women LOVED it! They've loved it for the last four years. Here's what they have to say:
I learned how important accountability is for me! The challenge helped me create good daily habits that were sustainable even after it ended. It’s a fun way to get back on track (or on track) to a healthy physical and spiritual life.
Colleen Ware
I found the accountability and spiritual dimension uplifting! It was also a safe place to ask questions and ask for help. Truly a band of sisters in Christ!
Juliet Jones
My favorite thing about doing the Fit and Holy Challenge is the support you get from amazing, faithful women of God going through the same thing I am! Pair that with weekly fitness and prayer challenges - it's so inspiring!  
Emily Brown
The F&HC allowed me to celebrate where I was excelling, and chisel away at the oaken, stale, hidden challenges, in my spiritual and physical life. It helped me realize that I can get more exercise in than I think I can and that snack too much late at night.
Hope Ryan
Prizes will be coming from these amazing companies and more!
Don't miss out!
In this 6-week challenge, you'll get...

A points tracker. Easily keep track of points for six healthy and holy habits! Checking boxes makes it easy to know what you need to do each day.

Coaching. Weekly live coaching videos that will provide you with valuable tools, teachings and insights to help you be the best that you can be: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Momentum. Build momentum as other Catholic women cheer you on in the Facebook group. You’ll feel inspired and motivated to stick with it even when you're having a bad day.

Joy. Feel great about yourself as you start building trust with yourself. Focusing on creating healthy habits will set you up for success and give you hope and joy with each week of this challenge.

Results. Women competing for weight loss lose an average 10 pounds over the six weeks, some lose 10-20 pounds and some lose over 20 pounds. Nearly all the women expressed growth in their faith lives as a result of the support and blessing of our amazing community of women.

Cool Catholic Prizes! You have the opportunity to win awesome Catholic prizes (books/t-shirt/necklace) that you actually really want.

All for just $45! 

Want the challenge for FREE?
Refer 3 of your friends and get your challenge entry FREE!

We want to make sure this is a big Catholic party! Tell your friends about this challenge. When you register, you'll get your own referral link. Email that to your friends. Post it in your FB groups. Invite the women in your family! When 3 people sign up through your link, you'll get your challenge fee refunded!
Prize Information
How are the weekly prizes determined?
At the end of each week (Saturday) the 10 women with the highest points for that week will have their names put into a drawing. There will be two winners each week.
Two Grand Prizes

At the end of the six week challenge there will be two grand prize winners.

Weight loss Grand Prize: The Women with the highest percentage of weight lost will win their choice of any one (1) prize offered during the Challenge and a Personalized coaching program with six (6), 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Lorissa Horn, valued at $650.

Highest Points Grand Prize*: The woman with the highest points grand prize will win their choice of any one (1) prize offered during the Challenge and a Personalized coaching program with four(4), 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Lorissa Horn, valued at $450.

(*If there is a tie for the most points at the end of the challenge, each tied winner will receive (1) prize of their choice and two (2) 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Lorissa, valued at $250.)

*In the chance that the woman that wins the Weight Loss Grand Prize also has the most points, then the Highest Points Grand Prize will go to the 2nd place woman with the highest points. This ensures that we have two grand prize winners!

"I have never been part of a challenge that was so fun! I didn't even care about winning the prizes because it felt so amazing to be part of the group and to make progress on some habits I had really been wanting to tackle! This is my third year participating!"

​​​​​​​- Sterling Jaquith

Answers before you ask
What are the six habits you focus on?
The challenge awards points for meeting the goals for drinking water, getting in exercise, doing a prayer routine, and getting enough sleep. You get points if you complete the Fit Challenge for the week and points for completing the Holy Challenge for the week too! You also get points for posting the Facebook group so it feels like a party!
This challenge looks awesome, but I really don't have any weight to lose, can I still participate? 
YES! YES! YES!  Even if you don't have any weight to lose, chances are there are other things you need to work on to get fit and to grow in holiness! Maybe you'd like to tone up certain muscle groups, eat better, exercise more or establish a daily prayer routine. If you don't have any weight to lose you can still earn weekly points. Your chances of winning the weekly challenges or even the grand prize “highest points” challenge are just as good as anyone else's.
How do I earn points?
There will be opportunities daily to accumulate points based on several “Fit & Holy” daily activities. You can also earn points by posting in the Facebook group. 
What is the weekly group challenge?
At the beginning of each new week, two unique challenges will be presented to the group (a “FIT” challenge and a “HOLY” challenge. If you successfully accomplish one or both of the challenges you will get extra bonus challenge points.
This challenge starts really soon, I don’t know if I’m ready?
Yes, it is kicking off soon. But deep down inside you know you've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Stop waiting for the perfect time to start - it will never come. So why not now? Jump in and commit to getting fit...... and holy!  

Let's recap!

The Fit & Holy Challenge costs $45 and includes:

Six weeks of intentional habit building.
An accountability group that's actually FUN!
A community of Catholic women cheering each other on.
An easy points system to keep you on track.
Amazing Catholic prizes that you really do want!
A clear idea of what to focus on each week.
Catholic coaching to help you with your fit and holy goals
A jumpstart to success that will help you feel awesome!

Lorissa Horn is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She is married, has seven children, and is a campus minister at a Catholic high school.

She is passionate about building up the Kingdom of God and creating life-changing coaching programs designed specifically to support Catholic women as they live out their calling to "set the world on fire."

Registration closes midnight Feb. 27th MST.
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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!